GTA 5 - Beta Version [About Game]

This is not official release by Rockstar Games. I got this version long time ago and Rockstar Games contacted me about their rights. First I want to make this conversation clear. If you think that this is scam, close this window immediately.

Are you still here ? Good, we got rid of haters. Now, what I’m trying to say is that this beta version isn’t released by Rockstar Games. I found it on some forum I’m not sure and I said let’s try and searched for keygen and worked. Don’t fucking know how but it worked. Now, I want to tell you that you won’t be able to play whole game. You can play as one character only and that character is Trevor Phillips. This is screenshot of Trevors barn and his place. Sorry but I can’t show you more ’cause I’m afraid.

Maybe you are asking, if this works, why we can’t see any proves or even gameplay. Rockstar Games already warned my hosting about content that I’m sharing to the public. I must not share any content related with Grand Theft Auto V because they will probably kill all links or videos that are related with their game. I shared one screenshot and that is it.  They will probably shut this website down soon so do not hesitate to get your game as soon as possible, then wait for crack and you will have full pirated game.